Who I am…Tiffany Pollard–child of God, wife of Jeremy since 2002, Mom to 4 boys and a little girl, Stephen (11), Caleb (9), Jonathan (7), Esther (3 years), and Kenan (2 years).

What I do…Laugh with Jeremy, Awkwardly homeschool (most days), Giggle with our boys, Avoid cooking and cleaning as often as possible, Read, Journal, Most importantly-Enjoy the Lord’s grace every undeserving day that He gives me.

I’d love to hear from you at tiffanypollard1@gmail.com



  1. Hello Tiffany, Jeremy and family!
    I thought I would come see your home school blog and enjoyed your posts and photos!
    I wish you all the best in your season of home-schooling. It’s hard work, but I believe this is the season of our lives we will never regret and always cherish! [Maybe that should become a home schooling motto: ]
    Never regret [the time and effort it takes];
    Always cherish [the time to be together] !
    Blessings, friends! Velvet Sunderland

    1. Thanks Velvet! It’s great to hear from a “veteran.” =) Some days I want to just put them on the bus when it drives by! But yes, I am sure I will cherish this time in the future. Thanks!

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