“Our Storm”…It’s finally a book!

27 Aug

Okay…here goes what all this week’s hype was about-

Some of you know about the wreck our family had back in 2007 (8 years ago today). The one that I rarely talk about where Jeremy went into a coma, Stephen nearly died, and we spent way too much time in the hospital. Yeah, the one I am quick to give God glory for but the same one that I had counseling for just over a year ago.

Okay, so while Jeremy and I were laying immobile for weeks we wrote a manuscript of the events that had happened. We were scared we would forget them throughout the years and for Stephen’s sake, we didn’t want that to happen. In 2008, on the 1 year anniversary of the wreck, we gave a copy to our families and some close friends. There’s some pretty personal stuff in there, and we were careful who we shared it with. Plus, it’s pretty raw-grammatically and emotionally. My goodness, we were still in casts and stuff when we started it.

Fast forward to the other week. Since I’m “not busy at all right now” (all lies!) I decided it was time to get the manuscript off my computer and into book form. I doubted any publisher would want it, so I went the self-publish through Amazon way. It hasn’t been super easy, and I’m confident that even after reading it a million times and submitting 9 revisions, there are still grammar issues and spacing weirdness.

Regardless, it’s done. You can read it. And I won’t feel bad anymore when people say, “You should write a book.”

Ya’ll, it’s so bare-boned. I can’t read it without crying. It makes me feel vulnerable even knowing you could have it in your hands or on your Kindle at this very moment. But I also know that those words, from 8 years, are Holy Spirit breathed. He led us to write and for some reason I believe He’s leading us to let others read it right now.

So it’s out there. You can get it here on Kindle or as a paperback (forgive the simple cover).

Pray with me that God would somehow use this simple little book we’ve titled “Our Storm.” Pray that He would glorify Himself all over again. And believe that God is so, so faithful. He is only good. He is full of grace. He loved us enough to send His Son to the cross. He will love us through whatever we face.

Sigh…happy reading!

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,and the flame shall not consume you.” (Isaiah 43: 1b,2)


Teaser # 3-Tomorrow’s the Day!

26 Aug

Here’s the last teaser! Tomorrow is Thursday, and I’m so stinkin’ excited. Well, mainly nervous and relieved and all things…have I lost my mind!=) And honestly worried if it will even be done. Oh technology, you are stressing me out!

“The next few days, weeks, and even months held more than anyone could ever write. There were good days and, of course, there were very trying days. Some days Jeremy and I would smile at God’s goodness. Other days we would question all we had been through. There were still so many pieces to put together.”

Til tomorrow…


Teaser #2…We’re Getting Closer!

25 Aug

Here’s teaser number 2. Have you figured out my big secret yet? If so, I’ll warn you, Thursday’s “excitement” will not be perfect. Not even close. But I’m praying God uses it regardless!

“There sat Jeremy! His eyes were open! Tubes no longer ran from his throat. The number of monitors even looked less. His head turned back and forth as if attempting to make sense of things. It would take months for me to explain the enormity of all that had happened. For now, though, I just wanted to hear his voice.”

Til Thursday…


Teaser #1-More Big News Coming

24 Aug

So we’re on vacation this week, and I’m staying away from all things internet as much as possible. However, I’ve got something big happening Thursday.=) So big that I’m jumping on here a few times to tease you. It’s not Mockingjay Part 2 type big but big for little ‘ole me.=)

Here’s a teaser. I’ll give you more throughout the week. Then Thursday…well, you’ll see.=)

“During this first of many meetings with doctors, I never heard the words, “It will be okay.” The point of our ICU meeting that particular day was simply to inform me of what was happening. As Stephen’s mother, I had to know. My Dad signed the papers for us since neither Jeremy nor I were able. The situation was extreme. Our whole family now lay in the middle of a severe and still brewing storm.”

More to come…


Some Big News (No, we’re NOT pregnant!)

17 Aug

Finally!! I haven’t blogged in so long because there’s something I wanted to share. Blab it before it was time. But now I can. Here goes…The Summit Church is planting a campus in Alamance County, and they’ve asked Jeremy to be the Campus Pastor!

Here’s some information you might find beneficial about the Summit’s purpose in planting campuses. Here’s some more information about how the meeting in Alamance County has moved from an Extended City Gathering to a Summit Campus.

And here’s a little backstory on us:

*July 2014-I called Jeremy and said, “Let’s sell our house.” He amazingly said okay.
*November 2014-Our house in Durham sold. We “happened upon” some land in Mebane but felt it was too far for Jeremy to commute daily.
*December 2014-We moved in with my parents (in Alamance County) while waiting for more houses to come on the market.
*March 2015-The Alamance Gathering was starting and Jeremy was the closest Summit Pastor around who could help out.
*May 2015-We bought the land in Mebane and trusted God had a plan.
*July 2015-The Alamance Gathering grew and Jeremy was asked to be the Campus Pastor.
*September 2015-We will move into our new home, and the Alamance Gathering will officially become a Summit Campus.

*Side note-Our new home is about a mile from Hawfield’s Middle School where we presently meet for church. Only God!

Is it bittersweet to leave Brier Creek? Definitely! We’ve been there since 2008. It’s all we know. Most of my closest friends and their families go there. Will we still see them? Of course! Mebane is only about 30 minutes from the Summit’s Brier Creek Campus.

But are we so stinkin’ excited about this? Yes! Could only God have orchestrated these events and this incredible timeline? Yes! Should you come to the Summit Church’s new Alamance Campus if you live in the area? Duh!=) (Our next service is Sunday, August 30 at 5:00 at Hawfields Middle School…Yes, that is a shameless plug!)

Honestly, ya’ll, we are so fired up about this. We are excited to partner with some amazing new friends who love the Lord. We are excited to partner with other ministries in the area and see God change lives. He could. His Gospel is that big. And we are humbled and excited to be a part of what He is doing.

Pray ya’ll…we are desperate for a move of His hand in our new Jerusalem!

photo 2 (29) Esther exploring the “backyard.”

photo 1 (29) This was a week ago. It’s coming along!

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